Chemistry is everywhere around us, energy and matter convert every second to reshape the world we live in.

In a sustainable, carbon-neutral, circular economy, both science and technology develop solutions based on direct,
real-time insights into the
chemical reactions.



// CTO

Jorge V. Ferreira

Jorge started his education about the mass spectrometry during his master studies. Guided by passion for electrochemistry, he continued his scientific research on DEMS devices at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland and at the Technical University Berlin with Prof. Peter Strasser, where he obtained his Doctor title in 2019.

// CEO

Zarko P. Jovanov

Zarko wrote his PhD thesis at the Technical University of Denmark about the CO2 reduction reaction, a chemical concept that could enable a more sustainable circular economy in the fields of fuels and fine chemical generation using renewable resources. Following his research on the topics of metal-air and lithium ion batteries, Zarko obtained experiences in industry R&D and management.


Mustafa Onat Güney

Onat is passionate about implementation of the novel technologies based on renewables in our modern society. His strong dedication and skills in software development, test and simulation as well as knowledge of both hardware and software part of our device speak in favor of that.



Birth of DEMS 1.0. device at Prof. Peter Strasser research group
Construction of an evolved prototype: DEMS 2.0.
Formation of LIQUIDLOOP team.
EXIST Starter Grant support from the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy
Foundation of LIQUIDLOOP GmbH.
Acquisition of first customers for DEMS 3.0.


Our story

The idea to found LIQUIDLOOP evolved from our initial motivation to propel the use of electrochemical mass spectrometry systems for studying catalysts materials and catalytic reactions, which through a joint act of science and technology trigger innovation and transition across the entire energy landscape.
From our curiosity to build an easy-to-use, automatized and compact test and analysis system within our home research group, we extended our intentions to a larger business idea and vision to promote real-time reaction following based on mass spectrometry in all other areas of applications facing similar challenges.​
From the moment LIQUIDLOOP is founded in 2021, it has a clear intent to deliver green analytical and testing methodologies to go hand in hand with our products and deliver powerful tools for understanding the chemistry underpinning modern technologies. In the future, we see ourselves as a market leader in offering complete fully customized solutions in the fields of sustainable technologies research and process analytics.