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We seek to accelerate research and innovation in green energy storage and conversion technologies.
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Bringing solutions for Power-to-X

A breakthrough in understanding the catalytic reactions behind various Power-to-X technologies relies on accurate extraction of data about chemical reactions directly from liquid environment in real-time as they occur.

LIQUIDLOOP develops sophisticated engineering and software solutions for all encompassing online test & analysis using mass spectrometry systems, versatile laboratory instruments applicable in multiple research areas of chemistry.

Our core product "Product-to-Gas-interface" (PoGASi) coupled to a mass spectrometer is based on LIQUIDLOOP patented technology, which allows for detection of volatile liquid reaction products and intermediates directly from liquid, a new and unique feature on the electrochemical mass spectrometry market.

The Power-to-Gas or Power-to-Liquid technologies make use of green electricity by converting it into value added products as synthetic fuels or fine chemicals.
The key know-how behind these concepts is brought about by electrochemistry research. LIQUIDLOOP tailored solutions are made by electrochemists for electrochemists.

Our unique feature is detection of all chemical compounds and especially volatile liquids, in real-time.
This precise information allows researchers to build a larger picture about the underpinning science: understand chemical reaction mechanisms, simulate processes, forecast behaviour of catalyst materials and optimize their performance, develop new technologies and design new devices.

LIQUIDLOOP products promise a massive increase in test & analysis productivity.
Moreover, our devices are easy to use and maintain, with both hardware and software user interfaces developed to follow best practices in laboratory research. You do not need to be an expert in engineering  to run our devices, you can fully focus on your science and technology challenges.