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We seek to accelerate research and innovation in green energy storage and conversion technologies.
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The Power-to-Gas or Power-to-Liquid technologies make use of green electricity by converting it into value added products as synthetic fuels or fine chemicals.
The key know-how behind these concepts is brought about by electrochemistry research. LIQUIDLOOP tailored solutions are made by electrochemists for electrochemists.

Apart from use in scientific research in electrochemistry, LIQUIDLOOP exclusive technology for real-time chemical performance monitoring is a missing puzzle in industrial scale chemical analysis for instance for e-fuel production and distribution networks using the new emerging P-t-X technologies.

LIQUIDLOOP products already deliver massive increase in test & analysis productivity in scientific laboratories.
Benefits for industrial tech applications consist in possibility to couple our product to small networks generating green chemicals & fuels for optimizing their operations, predictive maintenance and forecasting, meeting quality standards and specific industry regulations.