Our patented technology closes the gap between the liquid reaction environment and ultra-high vacuum.

We deliver the analytes to the mass spectrometer for high-precision qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Detection of volatile chemicals sampled from liquids.

Our technology enables ample analysis straight from the liquid phase, at the proximity of the catalyst.

We ensure the desired collection efficiencies by setting the optimal values for parameters.

A capillary inlet transfers the analyte into the separation chamber, for the simultaneous extraction of both gaseous and volatile liquid compounds.


Real-time analysis

Our in-line chemical detection system guarantees real-time monitoring with high precision.

LIQUIDLOOP's technology delivers gas (or volatile) liquid molecules straight from the liquid reaction environment to the vacuum system for detection.

Many stages of vacuum ensure convection-based transport of analytes without any delays among the various chemical compounds. This feature enables the monitoring of chemical reactions as they occur.