LIQUIDLOOP patented technology bridges the gap between the liquid reaction environment and ultra-high-vacuum, delivering the analytes to the mass spectrometer in stable manner with high precision for qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Detection of volatile liquids sampled directly from liquid

LIQUIDLOOP technology enables direct sampling and detection of volatile liquid compounds, a unique feature on the market of electrochemical mass spectrometry devices.
The analyte sampling occurs directly from the liquid phase (electrolyte) locally, at the vicinity of the working electrode. Setting the optimal values for parameters such as electrolyte flux rate and distance of the capillary inlet from the catalyst surface ensures the desired collection efficiencies.

A capillary inlet transfers the analyte at a large speed into the separation chamber, where a simultaneous extraction of both gaseous and volatile liquid compounds is achieved. Two separate pathways carry the chemical compounds to the analyzer using two independent channels. Both these pathways may be closed on demand, making the final data analysis, treatment and interpretation facile.


Real-time analysis, spot on

One the key features of our technology is based on a delicate analyte delivery  directly from the catalyst surface to the vacuum system for mass spectrometry detection without any delays among the various chemical compounds. This feature guarantees following chemical reactions as they occur, the ideal approximation to real-time detection spot on, impact of which is only limited by your inspiration for design of new experiments.

Additionally, our technology provides effective solutions for achieving stable baseline signals long-term, by inhibiting the formation of bubbles and controlling the differential pressures at the interface of the extractors. We observe highly reproducible and accurate mass spectrometry signals, necessary for reliable and quantified analyses in duration of more than 24 hours.