December 09, 2022

We’d like to tell you more about us and what we do.

This is us, LIQUIDLOOP. We are a chemistry startup based in Berlin and we make high-precision, real-time chemical monitoring devices. 

Traditional methods of carbon capture and conversion are energy-intensive and expensive. We help people and institutions transition from carbon fuels to green energies faster and efficiently. LIQUIDLOOP’s technology is less expensive, It's cleaner, uses less energy, and is easier to deploy. 

We developed a new technology that samples chemical liquids into gas without using heat. We call it PoGASi, and it could be a big part of the solution to climate change and the energy crisis that Europe currently faces. PoGASi delivers gas (or volatile) liquid molecules straight from the liquid reaction environment to a vacuum system for detection. Our technology patent is currently pending, initiated by TU Berlin in March 2020.

A little bit of our history: 

LIQUIDLOOP was born from the idea to boost electrochemical mass spectrometry systems to study catalysts materials and catalytic reactions. We built an easy-to-use, automated, and compact test & analysis system. This system promotes real-time reaction monitoring devices based on mass spectrometry. 

Founded in 2021, LIQUIDLOOP delivers green analytical and testing methodologies that go hand in hand with industry 4.0 standards. We make powerful tools for understanding the chemistry supporting modern technologies. 

Green energy for a better word

Carbon capture, monitoring and conversion is crucial for beating climate change. We’ve developed a technology that could be a large part of the solution to climate change.

We want to close the carbon cycle and end CO2 emissions by providing renewable energy solutions.  LIQUIDLOOP promotes a shift away from fossil fuels, and we encourage the further use of liquid fuel infrastructure.  Our devices foster green electricity by converting it into synthetic fuels or fine chemicals.

The LIQUIDLOOP technology can also make a variety of fuels. The first case of use of our technology is the production of e-fuels from renewable electricity and captured CO2. 

Our technology can also produce hydrogen and synthetic gas. These chemicals are needed for the production of synthetic fuels, such as diesel and paraffin. LIQUIDLOOP tailors these solutions through electrochemistry research, made by electrochemists for electrochemists. 

Other applications of our technology:

PoGASi is a compact, modular technology. This design allows our devices to be deployed in small-scale settings, such as laboratories and research centers, or large-scale ones like power or water treatment plants. 

The possibilities don’t stop there. There are many exciting ways our technology can help build a better and more sustainable world:

  • Water treatment.
  • Desalination of seawater to get clean drinking water.
  • Biotech applications (biofuels).
  • Biochemical and pharmaceutical applications.

We made a breakthrough in how we address climate change, and we expect to see big results from our technology in the future. We aim to become the industry leader in sustainable technology research and process analytics. Stay tuned with us to find more information soon!